Teen/Tween Open Mic

Teen/Tween Open Mic!!!

As part of Songfest, we are going to have a Teen/Tween Open Mic: Saturday, Dec. 3, 11am until 4pm at the Café Istanbul Performance Center.

Sign Up To Play - First Come, First-Play!!!

Sign up will be on-site at café Istanbul starting at 11 am.


Open Mic "Rules"

* No "covers" - Songs you wrote by yourself or are a co-writer of ONLY.
* No "tracks" - You may accompany yourself on an instrument or have ONE accompanist, but you may not sing to a pre-recorded track. In any event, we will only have two microphones set up and two direct boxes (for instruments). (Actually, we will have 4 mics on stage—two for vocals and two backup mics for folks that don't have a pickup in their guitar, but don't think that means you can put four singers on stage—the two-person rule still applies.)
* No "bands" - This is a singer/songwriter event. If you are part of a band and you wrote the song, come and play it solo.
* Time Limit - No Songs over 5 minutes - we will turn off your mic!!.
* Introducing you, your song, your web site, your phone number, your hopes, dreams, and aspirations - DON'T DO IT. Let the song speak for you. Believe us, if it's GREAT, everybody will know it and want to know you.
* Be tuned up - We will explain how things go before the event and you will know when you are to go on—be tuned and ready to go.
* Piano - To save time, we will have a house keyboard. It will be set to piano mode in standard tuning. Don't mess with it—just play it!! Also, check it before you play it to make sure it is set correctly!!!
* If you mess up - Don't sweat it and don't apologize—it's an Open Mic dude!! Just pick up where ever you are comfortable and go on.
* Other - Don't tell us you're really not a singer or apologize for your playing, etc. Just do your song to the best of your ability. It's all about the song here.
* Reading lyrics: Nope, nah gonna do it. If you are a lyricist only, you have to find somebody to write the music for your lyric and make it into a song AND perform it. Sorry, but it's not a song until it's a song!!
* Reading off lyric sheet: If the song's so new you haven't memorized it, are you sure you really want to take a chance performing it?? (Remember how pitiful fat Elvis looked in his later years readin' off those lyric sheets!!) It's your call, but we wouldn't do it.
* Pedals: No pedals—we just ain't got the time to mess with them. Moreover, we will have reverb on the board to sweeten you up. If your song relies on playing over loops, you will have to pick somebody else's event. Our focus is to get as many people on stage in the night as we can and that means we have to keep it simple.